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Dr Tammy
A little bit of background on Dr. T Dr. Tammy is the founder of Dr. Tammy's Healing Art Centers and has been a vocal proponent of living an optimized life for the past fifteen years. Dr. Tammy is a nationally acclaimed hormone and wellness expert. ​Following several breakthrough insights about the limitations of today’s healthcare system and a passion for wanting to see others live longer & better, Dr. Tammy has made it her mission to give families across the United States an opportunity to maximize their health without reliance on pharmaceutical medications. The clinical research that Dr. Tammy led in the areas of hormones, cancer, and arthritis garnered her many awards. In her more than 15 years as a practicing physician, Dr. Tammy has helped thousands of people to optimize their health. As an author, spokesperson, and supplement developer, innovator, bio-identical hormone therapy expert, and seasoned show host, she is frequently called upon by the media to share her expertise. She has shared the stage with Suzanne Somers and is known to many as the Hollywood’s best kept secret, helping many celebrities as well as their personal trainers restore hormone balance. She has people that seek her out worldwide for her expertise. She is known as the “go-to” for celebrities who have been on hormones for years and know that she is truly gifted with her unique perspective. ​She has been the CEO of more than 6 wellness clinics and won many awards for her heart centered patient approach. She has been featured on CBC, Fox, ABC, The CW, and CNN. She has blogged on health and wellness for newspapers and been featured as a guest on multiple syndicated radio shows, and featured in RedBook magazine. Dr. Tammy offers her patients a unique approach to medicine by bringing extensive education, a compassionate heart and a genuine desire to create a positive medical experience. Her determination to help others stems from a lifetime of hormone imbalance issues, being overweight after childbirth, and simply not feeling her best. Dr. Tammy found ways to help herself and has made it her mission to helps others, using her proven techniques and processes. She understands women’s frustration with hormonal imbalance and through her journey, she developed a 10-Step Bio-Balance Program to help women understand and conquer metabolic hormonal imbalances. Through extensive lab tests and hormonal supplementation, healthy eating and exercise, the doctor helps women to achieve their wellness goals quickly, efficiently, and without stress. She has written several books to help women achieve optimal health, including Healthy Ambitions: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Healthcare, Project Fabulous: The True Bio-Balance System, and Project Fabulous Supplemental Guide: Physician Guided Weight Loss and Wellness, Project Wellness and Balancing Act, which are available on Amazon.
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Is the “New Normal” the “New Ridiculous”?

Posted by Dr Tammy on Apr 12, 2020 1:52:51 PM

Before we make our “new normal” our “new ridiculous” and worse yet make death and disease risk WORSE….

I have some questions for some of you more “common sense” kind of folks.  Those who think through things and are open minded. Those who don’t just buy into fear, sensationalism, drama, or clique mentality.  Those that think for themselves. Those that pride stats over opinions. Those that practice kindness more than unsolicited or unfounded opinions.  Those that seek to understand more than be understood. Those that are willing to listen to reason more than buying into the “unreasonable”.          

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Is the Corona Virus the biggest threat to us right now?

Posted by Dr Tammy on Apr 7, 2020 1:25:26 PM

To all my friends, patients, family and loved ones ... I want to share some thoughts. And please know that my patients and staff are my family’ and I love all of them as I would my own brother, sister, parent or child. 

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A different kind of HEALING Art

Posted by Dr Tammy on Mar 7, 2020 3:00:33 PM

When I first started the healing art centers I had a vision for using many natural ways as a means to help people heal in ways they didn't even know they needed healing.  One of the best ways I have found is through ART Therapy.  ART can be a very deep and meaningful form of meditation.  The definition of meditation is:

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