Is the Corona Virus the biggest threat to us right now?

Posted by Dr Tammy on Apr 7, 2020 1:25:26 PM
Dr Tammy

To all my friends, patients, family and loved ones ... I want to share some thoughts. And please know that my patients and staff are my family’ and I love all of them as I would my own brother, sister, parent or child. 

I took the Hippocratic oath to first Do No Harm, so please take these words as I intend them. Merely consideration of all the issues at hand. I have been silent on my opinions up to now, first because Do No Harm means to protect myself and those I love from fear or possible impulsive reactions without knowing all the data. I have been quiet to respect other’s opinions and honor those with ill or potentially ill family or friends. I have been quiet because there are so many unknown variables that I could not give adequate educated views. Without full knowledge of all the facts... I have decided to share my thoughts so that others might share in asking some of the questions that I have asked myself during this crisis.
My first priority is everyone’s safety and that is both Physical health and the safety of our liberties and rights ...which if affected could compromise our physical health.
This post may cause very divided comments, that quite possibly will trigger emotional responses for various viewpoints. This in and of itself could be our greatest weakness during these challenging times. 
Everything from political statements to religious reflections, but it is not my intent to insight fear or create animosity amongst you but merely create awareness and logical contemplation. Asking questions is the only way to find solutions.
I would like to share a text that one of my friends, who is an ER physician sent me this morning based on an editorial from the Arkansas Democrat this morning. I thought it quite thought provoking.

I am a scientist. Plain and simple. I have mostly avoided sharing my thoughts because all the data is just not in yet. I caution all people to take health precautions always. As a trained Family Medicine physician, I have witnessed many deaths from contagions as well as declining health diseases. Some of them my own family. My mom passed 2 years ago from a bowel infection. Bacterial infections claim many lives as reported from the CDC. Influenza B virus has killed over 50,000 people since October but we didn’t experience a mass hoarding of much needed food, supplies and medicine.
The risk is real. I myself almost died along with my son Donnie when I was 8 months pregnant with a SARS variant. I was in the ICU for weeks with total ‘white out’ of my lungs on a vent.

I do understand the threat. Truly so please don’t mistake my concerns for a lack of empathy or deflecting from practicing prudent infectious disease prevention protocols. Please keep your comments to light love and healing which we all need at this time regardless of how we see any health threat. Please know the spirit in which I intend this for is to make us all aware of potential sacrifices we may make both in protecting our health and liberties.

Follows is my friend’s text (copy and pasted). And the link is to the CATO commentary and please read it in its entirety without judgment till you have had some time to reflect on the content. I love you all and wish only the best healthiest life with joy and appreciation everyday.

Bradley R Gitz eitorial provides food for thought this morning. I have thought this, along with other thoughts about heart disease, diabetes and cancer deaths, even influenza deaths!
1. Are we looking at statistics correctly?
2. Why are death rates for the above diseases, which are much higher, accepted as normal, but we shut down a country to save # of dying in Covid 19. What # is acceptable? Disease is big business isn’t it!!!! No matter your politics. This has proven true for more years than any of you were born. The world will go back to work, the Covid 19 will diminish and the heart disease, diabetes and cancer death rates will continue to fuel research and industry. One thing I will also point out (and you knew this was coming) is that each of you can avoid the above by your diet, exercise and ability to deal with stress. We need to try our best to be part of our own solution, not part of our own problem! Have a great week! Stay safe!

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